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How to Watch Live TV Online

Who does not like watching TV over the internet? Of course everyone loves the activity of watching TV over the internet, especially with the growing diversity of programs that are aired. In fact, when a favorite program broadcast TV stations, we will be willing to take a break from other activities that we do in order to enjoy our favorite TV shows.

In fact, there are times when we canceled out of the house for the sake of being able to watch a football match broadcast live on a particular TV station, or perhaps live music events featuring artists of our idol. However, advances in technology make it easier for us to access your favorite TV shows. To be able to watch live TV, now we do not need to stay at home alone. The era of information technology, more and add us to get an alternative choice of entertainment, including watching TV through the internet.

Watching TV over the internet presents impressions conceptual video, not static, and always updated each time following the development of events. The advantages of watching TV over the internet than conventional TV is an online TV broadcast can be accessed freely.

To be able to watch TV via the Internet, which have to do is connect a computer with an Internet connection. Internet TV or Web TV is also known as the Television on the Desktop (TOD), TV over IP (Television over Internet Protocol) or Internet Protocol Television, Vlog, and podcast. Internet television, the system works is very different from the conventional TV. Both conventional TV and online TV broadcast many similar events. However, TV online gives more options, and can be enjoyed for free without subscription fees TV broadcasts, except charges for internet connection. Watching TV via the Internet widely accessible to Internet users who are looking for the shows that appeal to them either entertain or educate. Various kinds of theme events ranging from the reality show, the latest news from all corners of the world, to the foreign celebrity gossip, available at many online TV websites that can be accessed free of charge.

The development of online TV era could not be separated from the role of Steve Mann. He recorded his daily life and distributes video via the internet Life casting. The recordings were then uploaded to his personal website which then attracts more people to watch it. What was done by Steve Mann followed by many people that in 1998, Mann founded life caster community who have an interest in making an online TV on the Internet?

 Then, in 2003, the concept of Web 2.0 was introduced by O'Reilly Media. After the web concept was launched, a wide range of emerging Internet services, among other Internet TV stations, which are not only managed by the major TV stations, but largely managed by individual Internet users who displays his daily life (Life casting). Well, maybe you are interested in creating their own online TV? The equipment required is quite simple, namely video cameras, computers, and Internet connection. Imagine, capitalizing these tools, you can have your very own online TV broadcasts.

Watch TV through the Internet

Watching TV over the Internet can be divided into several categories as follows:

    Vlog (video web logging) is a kind of blogs that publish information in the form of video and are commonly found in personal blogs. Watching TV over the internet with this type facilitates the audience choose TV shows whenever and wherever appropriate to individual taste.

    Podcast or video podcast, the online TV broadcasting system is commonly used to refer to broadcast video on demand, broadcast TV is broadcast via the RSS or Atom. These impressions are the advantages you can download it in archive format or directly witnessed streaming.

    Life casting is broadcasting streaming video of a person or an object with digital media. Video streaming life casting is usually broadcast live and continuously so that the audience can watch the development of video objects in chronological order. One website that allows Internet users to make these types of online TV is

Watch TV through Internet - Broadcasting Method in Internet TV

In the world of internet TV, there are two methods of broadcasting, which is a technique broadcasting and streaming techniques.

    Broadcasting techniques. Broadcasting techniques developed from podcast. This technique is supported by a number of applications such as Miro, Blinkx, and Joost, which serves to record the number of events from multiple sites. Visitors to the site just choose which events will be viewed live or downloaded first.

    Streaming techniques. Streams can also be referred to as a live broadcast of multimedia data from the server to the device service provider our personal computers. Smoothness and quality impressions that played heavily dependent on the speed of the Internet connection. At first, the technique of using a streaming QuickTime Movie format (.mov), but now Flash Video is more widely used.

Best Online TV Streaming Devices

To be able to watch TV via the Internet, of course we need the computers, both personal computers; laptops, notebooks and tablet PCs are now being popular, or Smartphone device with a high-speed mobile internet. High speed internet connection will affect the quality of the broadcasts we watch online. Internet connections are still using dial-up systems are not recommended because the data is distributed multimedia archives are very large.

The broadband connection is recommended because it has a higher speed Internet connection than dial-up system. The greater the speed of the Internet connection, the better the display quality at speeds in excess of 512 kbps; we will be spoiled with the quality of impressions HD (High Definition). Certain PC specifications are also required to be used to watch TV via the Internet.

To be able to watch TV via the Internet with a comfortable, PCs used to have a minimum specification of Windows XP Service Pack 2 with DirectX 9.0c, Pentium 4 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM memory, 32 MB graphics card, with support for DirectX. Speaker with good sound quality and the screen is sharp and the width will add comfort in watching favorite shows broadcast on TV Online.

Keep in mind; some sites require providers of online TV broadcasts computer devices we use have had certain applications such as Adobe Flash Player or Java. But if there is no, the application can be downloaded easily and for free. For Smartphone users, some TV station also has a special application for Smartphone’s that use the android operating bases. Recently, Trans Corp (Trans TV and Trans 7) launched My Trans whose applications can be downloaded and installed on your Smartphone. Earlier, Metro TV has been first launched similar applications.

Watch TV through Internet with P2P Streaming

One technology that is used for watching TV via the Internet among other P2P streaming, promising digital entertainment more varied. P2P allows us to watch more than 3,000 international TV channels online. P2P is distributed streaming software directly without going through a central server. Compared with traditional streaming media, P2P Stream can broadcast TV programs online with more stable and smooth for broadband users. Currently, most online TV channel with P2P Streaming system originated from China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Sites Watch TV through Internet Indonesia

In Indonesia, has many sites popping up that displays TV broadcasts online. For those of you who want to watch TV via the Internet, here are some online TV broadcasting is managed by a private TV station in Indonesia, among others:,, and http: // or

The advantages of watching TV over the Internet but can be done from anywhere, of course you can watch TV broadcasts from abroad without having to subscribe. In fact, you do not just get to watch Life casting, but also can be life caster own. How, interested in trying?

Enjoying the World Free Online TV

Online TV broadcasting various programs worldwide television has now become a way of life among those who are already familiar with the internet. With a variety of technological advances that afford eyes wide.

Watch Live Worldwide TV Channels

Who would not want to see the action of famous football stars to compete? Or watch the action Wins prey Oprah, the most popular talk show in the US, even the world? Or event that is now banned Smack down broadcast on national television? TV online world can apparently help you desire it.

How to Access it
In short you've come to the heart of the matter, to access the online TV world for free. How to? You can follow the steps as follows:
  •  Google now has a new service that you can use to access the online TV for free, called iGoogle. You just go to his website, and log into iGoogle.
  • After that, you click on add stuff, then search gadgets online TV channels, and add.
  • Then you click the "back" button to return to your iGoogle page, then you are registered frame TV channels online.
  • After that, you just select the television station where you want to watch and just press "play", then the broadcast was ready to "eat".

Free Online TV Stations - Watch Live Internet TV Stations

Now what would you feel if can see foreign television channels that can be enjoyed for free. Yes, everything is free or not paid. In addition to the already described above, there are other ways that you can use to access your favorite online TV. Besides iGoogle, there are services provided wwitv (you just open any website) that makes it easy for you to access more than 1000 TV channels worldwide. This for watch TV live streaming.

Internet TV & Radio Player

In addition, there are many moves left to access a free online TV. Namely by installing
mmtoolz online TV software, How, by downloading the software, once downloaded run the application, and at the first start you need to update the station TV. After that, you only have to choose a television station based on the existing state, which provided more than 5,000 television stations available in the software.

Not only there, there are still more heroic latest way to watch TV broadcasts online. It was true proverb says "many roads lead to Rome", as well as the "many ways to enjoy TV channels online for free anyway". Namely with the help of Mozilla Firefox which provides the add ons Firefox as additional tools to access online TV will fit you.

The trick is to make searching Firefox add ons called TV-Fox. If you have found, you just install it until the finish and restart your browser Mozilla being open. After that, look at toolbars there will be a short cut online TV streaming in which there are approximately 3,000 television channels around the world that are ready to access it for free.